Services for Japan-based clients

  • (1) Services for clients with assets overseas

    • Those who need to file a tax return for overseas assets such as overseas financial products or real estate
    • Those who need to comply with the introduction of the Common Reporting Standard (CSR)
    • Those who need to file a tax return for incentives such as RSU, stock options, or ESPP
    • Those with a company in countries such as Hong, Kong, Singapore, or the British Virgin Islands
    • Those who need to undertake taxation procedures when moving overseas
    • Those who have received an letter inquiring about an overseas remittance or overseas assets
    • Those who have been notified of a tax audit on overseas assets
  • (2) Services for foreigners living in Japan

    • Those married to a foreigner who want to know more about taxation in Japan
    • Those wanting information on filing a tax return as a non-permanent resident, taxation procedures when moving overseas, inheritance tax in Japan applicable to foreigners, etc.
    • Those considering giving monetary gifts to family members living overseas
    • Those who would like to seek tax advice in English

Services for overseas-based clients

Those with assets in Japan or who have family living in Japan who would like advice on Japanese income tax or inheritance tax

    • Those who need to file a tax return for rental real estate in Japan
    • Those considering giving monetary gifts to family members living in Japan
    • Those considering setting up a company in Japan

Services for tax specialists

    • We offer advice on handling Japanese income tax and inheritance tax to tax specialists with Japanese clients or clients with assets in Japan

We do not charge for advice on basic tax handling. We will provide an estimate before commencing any time-consuming investigative work in complicated cases, etc.

Our Services

Tax Consultations

We offer pertinent advice based on information provided by clients during face-to-face or skype consultations. We offer consulting services in English.


  • Handling unreported income from overseas earnings and assets
  • Handling gift tax on overseas remittances, including assisting with capital for purchasing real estate for children living overseas
  • Appropriate tax planning for future inheritance from parents living in Japan

Preparing Tax Returns (income tax)

We prepare tax returns for income on overseas investments and written statements on overseas property for overseas assets on behalf of our clients. We can handle your tax affairs when moving overseas, including the application of a tax payment grace period for taxation procedures when moving overseas.

Tax Agent Services

We can act as your tax agent for income tax, etc. and submit tax returns and pay taxes on your behalf when you need to file a tax return in Japan when moving overseas or when you have profitable real estate in Japan while living overseas. Tax agent services are incidental to the preparation of tax returns (income tax).

Preparation of Inheritance Tax Returns

We prepare inheritance tax returns for filing overseas if overseas assets are included in estate or when decedents or heirs live overseas, etc.
We also prepare tax returns for gift tax returns.

Responding to Inquiries from Tax Offices and Tax Audits

  • We can prepare responses to inquiries and follow up with tax offices when you receive inquiries concerning overseas remittances or when you wish to check whether you need to submit a written statement on overseas property
  • We can attend tax audits and negotiate with auditors on your behalf if you have been informed that you will be audited in relation to your overseas assets

Corporate Services

We provide appropriate planning and advice relating to taxes on overseas transactions and the handling of tax affairs when a shareholder or officer is a non-resident.

We provide back-office support including incorporation procedures, bookkeeping, monthly financial statements, payroll services, and the preparation of corporation tax returns. We offer accounting and taxation services in English for foreign affiliated companies and foreigners.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I live overseas, can I consult with you?

    Yes. We can consult with you via Skype, email or telephone.
    Tax returns can be filed electronically with the tax office.

  • Can I consult with you even though I already have a tax adviser?

    Yes. We will limit our advice to the handling of overseas-specific tax matters.
    We can also coordinate with your tax adviser if you so desire.

  • Can you handle US tax matters?

    We do not handle US tax matters directly. We can introduce you to a US certified public accountant.


  • Specific consultations face-to-face or via skype: 30,000 JPY per hour (including tax)
  • We set fees for preparing tax returns, advising on corporation tax, and the provision of other services based on each client’s individual circumstance.